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Welcome to Unholy Racket Music Pics.

Ever since I was young I wanted to be a musician. There was always music in my family. Whether it was the rock and roll my parents jived to, or the heavy rock, glam, mod, motown or punk that my friends listened to (depending on what the most recent fad was). So it was inevitable that I would become a great rock guitarist. Unfortunately, after several years of trying, and having had my attempts described as an 'Unholy Racket' I gave up.

This never stopped me listening to music or going, at every opportunity, to see live bands. I grew up in the post-punk era of the early eighties and was fortunate to be present at one of the most creative and expansive periods of music. The following couple of decades are a bit of a blur and I often wish I could have some of the memories lifted out of the haze, or even some picture of those times.

Like many others, I came to photography late. The digital revolution has opened up a whole world of possibilities and it was almost inevitable that I would combine my new found passion for photography with my love of music. So, amongst other things, I am a music photographer. I love every minute of it (well most of them). I've met some fabulously interesting folk along the way.

The site gathers together the best of my music photography to date. It will also be the home for my pictures and musings going forward.